Peter F. Saxby


I am an experienced International Business Executive and Chartered Engineer and have been involved for many years promoting American high technology into EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). I have substantial experience managing operations throughout Europe and Israel. I have also initiated and/or managed acquisitions in France, Germany, Israel, Sweden and Finland.

I act on behalf of a number of Companies and organisations in both executive and non-executive capacities. This experience encompasses all aspects of running businesses including providing legal, accounting, logistical and HR support as required. In particular I work as follows on an ongoing basis:-

1) RFMW Ltd based in San Jose, California is now in its 13th Year distributing RF and Microwave electronic components. I was involved from the beginning and have total responsibility for EMEA. We opened our first office in Israel in 2007 and, more recently, others in London, Paris, Munich and Rome. Our most recent new office locations are in Moscow and Stockholm.

2) Handy Help Limited, a charity organisation, based in Slough. Non Executive Director with particular emphasis on commercial aspects of growing the business.

I also work on various other miscellaneous interim assignments including keeping the taxman happy for various family members and acting as a Trustee for an investment fund.

My office is in the United Kingdom just a few minutes from Heathrow Airport to the West of London.

If you are interested in discussing any potential assignments then please feel free to e-mail me some preliminary details. You can find me on LinkedIn here.

Here is a brief resume with some career milestones:-

1965 to 1972 - Whitgift School, Croydon.
1972 to 1975 - University of Birmingham, BSc Electronic Engineering
1975 to 1981 - Electronic Engineer with EMI Electronics, now Thales.
1981 to 1989 - Sales Director with Auriema/CossMic Technologies, now Acal.
1983 obtained first Directorship CossMic Technologies Ltd
1985 appointed as a Chartered Engineer by the IEE (now IET)
1989 to 1990 - Divisional Manager with BFI Optilas.
1990 to 1993 - Country Manager for M/A-COM.
1994 to 2001 - Managing Director, Richardson Electronics Northern Europe
1995 became a Member of the Institute of Directors
2000 appointed to Richardson Electronics Strategic European function
2001 to present - various Consulting assignments
2003 to present Vice President Europe for RFMW Ltd
2006 to 2009 - advisor for Stratus Healthcare Ltd, now SDI Diagnostic Imaging
2009 to present Non Executive Director Handy Help Limited (a charitable Company)
This is a business web page and so I will not be filling it with personal or family information. However, for those who may be at all interested, the following selected links may give some insight into my private life:-
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